Installation & Care

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We design Holzer floors to be easy to clean and maintain. However, like any other product in your home, it does need proper care and attention to maintain its beauty. With Holzer this beauty will last for many years, with a minimum amount of effort.

The questions many floor users have are: “What is the best way to clean Holzer floor?” or “What should be used to clean Holzer floor?

Because Holzer floor is so dense, they are easy to keep clean. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Vacuum or use a dust mop to remove loose dirt or grit
  • Use a damp (not wet) mop and warm water, do not over-saturate the floor
  • Change mop-water as necessary to keep clean
  • Do not use polishes or waxes
  • Never clean with abrasives, scouring powder, or steel wool
  • Wipe up spills immediately
  • Avoid standing liquids on your floor – including your pet’s water area

Dirt is the enemy of a Holzer floor. Over time, the simple act of walking will lead to small scratches that will lead to dullness, and larger pieces of sand and small rocks can make visible scratches. Here are a couple of tips to guard against this:

  • Use felt protectors on the bottom of all furniture; chairs, tables, sofas, ect…
  • Place floor mats and foot brushes at each entrance of your home to collect dirt.
  • Vacuum and use a dust mop regularly to keep grit off the floor



Step 1:


Prepare the floor surface by:

-Cleaning with vacuum cleaner, make sure there are NO large particles on the floor.

-If it is cement floor, it must be rubbed smooth. Any inconsistencies in level must be less than or maximum 3mm difference.

-If the overlapping level is over the limit, please level it with cement, or using fiber cement flooring.

-If the original surface of polished stone, marble, ceramic tile, rubber tile, or parquet wood floor, is already smooth and not cracked, your Holzer Floor can simple go on top.

-If the original surface that is cracked (from termites or moisture for example), it should be removed and adjusted before Holzer floor is installed.

-Holzer floor should not be installed on top of carpet. The carpet must be removed before installation.


Step 2:


  • In order to stop moisture, a plastic sheet and P.E. foam are installed between the floor surface the Holzer floor. Use tape to adhere to the floor, do not allow the sheets to overlap.






Step 3:


  • Allow a gap for expansion of 10mm to 15mm between the panels and wall using wood spacers. In order to have the best result, the leftover panel should not be shorter than 200mm.





Step 4:


  • Begin laying floor from left to right. In order to fix the one piece to the next, it must be inserted at about 45 degrees and then pressed down to make a tight fit.





Step 5:


  • Lock and knock. After the panel is inserted into the groove and pressed to the floor, use a mallet or hammer with a piece of wood to knock the panels together. Continue for the rest of the room.





Step 6:

  • For the last row of panels make sure to leave 10mm of space between the flooring and the wall. You may need to cut the panels to have the appropriate width. Use a heel iron (or other suitable tensioning tool) to knock the final pieces.


Step 7:

Installing wall skirt. For this, we can use either a concrete gun or all-purpose synthetic glue.

  • All-purpose synthetic glue with strong hold can be used with material such as concrete, aluminum, glass, or marble, and it stays even on a greasy surface.
  • A clear silicone fill should be used for area that have lots of space or are near a bathroom. Wrap the silicone on the under-side of floor to allow airflow.

Watch Installation Guide

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